Beyond the Wrecking Ball: How to Renew Buildings Without Harming the Residents


Beyond the Wrecking Ball: How to Renew Buildings Without Harming the Residents

With the “charity doctor” I found the patient on the
top floor, stretched upon two chairs in a dreadfully stifling room. She
was gasping in the agony of peritonitis that had already written its
death-sentence on her wan and pinched face. The whole family, father,
mother, and four ragged children, sat around looking on with the stony
resignation of helpless despair that had long since given up the fight
against fate as useless. A glance around the wretched room left no
doubt as to the cause of the child’s condition. “Improper nourishment,”
said the doctor, which, translated to suit the place, meant starvation.

Read more about Soft strip demolition here. DIY is an enormously satisfying and rewarding pastime, but it does create some health and safety concerns for the home environment. You can overcome these with the right information at your fingertips. Put your mind at rest by monitoring indoor air quality for home improvement. When it comes to toxic products that contain VOCs, make sure that you’re storing them properly. Don’t keep old cans of paint, aerosols, disinfectants, and varnishes you no longer need in an area where you’re likely to be working. Perhaps it’s time to throw out some bottles, if things are getting cluttered!. And follow the instructions carefully when you’re using anything involving these chemicals.

But, with a little practice, patience, and this how-to guide — you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars at the local body shop — and have the immense pride of knowing that your vehicle looks awesome due to your own impressive efforts. There’s also the OptiShot 2 simulator which uses infrared technology and is only a few hundred dollars, but unless you have a tight budget, we don’t recommend this system because of poor accuracy. It provides great entertainment for family and friends, but it’s not terribly useful for improving your game. Whatever the intended location of your golf simulator, we recommend striving for a space that is at least 9 feet high, 15 feet wide, and 20 feet deep. You’d be hard-pressed to find any avid golfer that doesn’t dream of having their own golf simulator setup. And aside from just regular consumers, golf simulators are in demand from professionals, club fitters, and various businesses. If you are like me and a member of team “if it can’t be done with a circular saw then you shouldn’t be doing it,” then read on.

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Ridwell then distributes the items to other places for recycling, reuse or destruction. In 2019, the company diverted 170,000 pounds of waste from the landfill.


If you do not want to bother removing the linoleum, you can lay a floor over the old existing top layer floor as long as there is no damage and it will not be sanded during the process. This will raise your flooring about an eighth of an inch. This is not generally a problem unless it causes the floors to be uneven with an adjoining floor which could cause a trip hazard.

Pour a smooth, durable and crack-free concrete walkway.

Work in small sections, pushing the scraper forward in short strokes at a 45-degree angle. This part of the job can be tiring, so be sure to work in plenty of breaks. It wasn’t too long before we were ready to remove the linoleum topper and finally get our hardwood floors. Removing linoleum or vinyl floors does not require any special skills; it was a good DIY project for us (it was fairly easy). Being bold and painting more than this will leave you with a thicker coat of primer that takes longer to dry. So if you spray 12 square feet in one go, then let it dry overnight before applying your wax coat, that could mean you’re applying the wax coat on top of a still-damp primer. This means that when your friend says “let’s go to happy hour,” you won’t be able to and will end up working late into the evening (or, at least, home past dinner).

Over 70 ended curbside recycling (though several have been reinstituted after public protests), and many drop-off sites closed; some programs increased costs to residents while others limited what materials they would accept. Once you have the site marked off, it’s time to start digging. How you excavate depends on whether you plan to build up or dig down to make your shed foundation level.

Cover everything you can’t remove with plastic sheets and tape them in place. The less common left-handed drill bit has flutes that twist in a counterclockwise direction. The torque applied by a left-handed drill bit can be more effective than a right-handed bit at loosening a stripped screw. For it to work, however, the drill must be set in reverse. Most of the methods described below will work if a stripped screw is embedded in metal, wood, or plastic.

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