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How To Introduce Your Pre-Existing Partners to a New Dating Partner as a Polyamorous Person #open

Again, marriage is difficult when it comes to polyamorous relationships. Personal progress turns into a steady process, as polyamory usually challenges people to evolve and adapt in ways in which monogamous relationships might not. Boundaries in polyamorous relationships are often complicated and multi-layered. Being ready to not only set your individual boundaries but also to […]


Open Relationships 101: How To, Dos and Donts and What to Expect

Unlike conventional monogamous relationships, the place exclusivity is the norm, polyamorous dynamics contain people engaging in a number of romantic relationships simultaneously. Having lived with three companions and been married twice in the two decades before embarking on my polyamorous journey, I find the thought of approaching relationships with out an ‘escalator’ hugely interesting. I […]

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