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Watch How Dogs Got Their Shapes

Despite its irrelevance, virtually half of the canine replicated the touching motion (Huber et al., 2018). If your dog is in peace-keeping mode, reassure them that every thing is alright by playfully petting them and saying encouraging words. It’s typically not the precise words that canine are selecting up on, and more the tone in […]


How much is that doodle in the window? Exploring motivations and behaviours of UK owners acquiring designer crossbreed dogs 2019-2020

They were introduced to provide an alternative to the cockapoo breed, a hybrid of a poodle and a cocker spaniel. Golden Poodles garnered a lot of attention through social media when Mark Zuckerberg showed his designer dog via Facebook posts. Since then, many people started posting about Golden Doodles, and many dog parents also trended […]

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