Travel Time How Far Should Maids Go For A Job?


Travel Time How Far Should Maids Go For A Job?

Regardless of which cleaning method you choose, the key is to maintain a clean and organized living space that contributes to your overall well-being. Wipe all remaining hard surfaces (wood furniture, shelves, built-ins, etc.) using furniture cleaner and polish and a soft cloth. For an extra-quick clean, put a clean cotton tube sock on your dominant hand to dust surfaces, moving objects out of the way with the other hand. Fill a mug or measuring cup with water and microwave for two to three minutes, so it gets nice and steamy. You can also add lemon or vinegar to the bowl to clean your microwave even more effectively. Before you’re tempted to pull out the vacuum for a quick clean, shake crumbs, dust, and pet hair on the floor. Another low-cost promotion method is to put up flyers in the main neighborhoods you service and at local community boards.

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Often we hear stories of cleaning clients switching to a different company because the little things keep getting overlooked. In addition, ask for referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have used cleaning services. You can start by checking their online reviews, social media profiles, and ratings on websites like Nairaland or Google. This will give you an idea of how other customers have experienced their services. Saving time, reducing stress, improving air quality, and productivity are among its numerous and compelling benefits.

Price Per Square Foot

Cleaning prospects want to get a general idea of what your price is likely to be as fast as possible. Good communication makes potential customers happy and more likely to do business with you. Ask about their hiring process, background checks, and training programs to get an idea of the quality of their staff. Read more about kitchen cleaning here. Make sure to ask about their service offerings and if they have any additional fees or charges. The best business structure for your business will depend entirely on what kind of company you form, your industry and what you want to accomplish.

Otherwise, sooner or later, your hourly pay employees will milk the clock. The most common methods are hourly, per job, or some combination of the two. Research suggests that YES wages are important, but employees want other benefits too, like vacation days and health care.

How to become a house cleaner in 5 steps:

This is especially true in competitive markets where employees have lots of options. This is why it’s so important to know exactly how much to pay cleaning employees – without breaking the bank.

Having a schedule and cleaning cadence can give your home the focus it deserves, while also keeping your mind in check. There’s no sense in cleaning the same space over and over again if you’re neglecting other parts of your home.

For basic dusting

That said, if you’re too vague with your business name, it could end up confusing potential customers. For example, Clean Sweep Cleaners, Home Hygiene Genies, or Pro Maids to Go are all direct yet creative cleaning business names. For office cleaning, cleaners typically charge as little as $25 hourly for smaller facilities (less than 2,000 square feet) and $80 hourly for bigger offices (more than 2,100 square feet). Don’t forget to also record the square footage and the number of rooms there are in the house.

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