How to Use Mexico Shelter Manufacturing to Replace Your China Manufacturing Harris Sliwoski LLP


How to Use Mexico Shelter Manufacturing to Replace Your China Manufacturing Harris Sliwoski LLP

As perhaps could have been expected, firms with established supply chain relationships in these countries benefited the most from the disruptions in China. Those reliant on China were largely unable to find suppliers in other countries on such short notice. Additionally, large U.S. importers were more likely to continue relationships with their Chinese suppliers during the shutdown than small importers were. Prior to share any information to a supplier, you must prepare a detail NDA and get it signed. Otherwise your business information or product information might be revealed. Sometimes those manufacturers would get your product information and copy your products, but I believe most of manufacturers would not do it so. Dan Harris is a founding member of Harris Sliwoski, an international law firm where he mostly represents companies doing business in emerging market countries.

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The global pandemic, US-China trade war, and increased labor costs have all put a dampener on China’s manufacturing dominance. In addition, a shift in China’s manufacturing niche to more high-end consumer goods, has paved the way for developing countries to get a piece of the pie. Second, the Chinese government often provided foreign companies with pre-built factories at reduced costs or even at no cost.

Consider Quality Over Cost

But there is clearly upside for companies that integrate smart factories and customizable, fast delivery expertise into their product offerings, UBS wrote in a report dated June 17. Naturally, the factory order changed several times before the final product was agreed upon. In order to get everybody on the same page and organized instead of confused, make sure every detail is translated correctly and in a timely manner. Correct translation doesn’t guarantee accurate engineering though and you need to be sure those instructions are executed properly. You need your product to be produced according to specific design-details and stored in a specific way and conditions to preserve the integrity of your product. Communicating these instructions during the production process is crucial. As soon as you start working with factories or suppliers based overseas, you’ll need a smart way to manage your money to protect your profits, and cut the costs of overseas transfers.

What Things Do I Need to Know Before Buying Direct From China?

Read more about Quality Control in China here. This gives businesses even more opportunities to sell their products in new markets without worrying about tariffs and other trade barriers. China’s “Standards 2035” project is thus indicative of how China is emerging as a tech leader and an innovator in a range of areas.

Once you’ve received feedback from several manufacturers, choose the ones you like best and ask for a sample product. Mass production lead time is often related to production capacity and the production schedule of a manufacturer. Ensure that you have made the right preparations as the products might be sent back and forth for a long time.

Ask your friends, relatives, or partners to see if they can introduce you to an overseas country, contact or middleman. Many of our customers are as a result of introductions made by one client to the other. With a large population, vast land, and many years of experience in processing, China has been able to spawn out many experienced factories.

The upgrade differences of manufacturing sectors are closely related to characteristics of factor intensity. In order to analyze differences in manufacturing upgrades with different factor intensities, manufacturing industries in the WIOD are divided into three categories. Sectors C5—C9, C16, and C22 are labor-intensive manufacturing industries, sectors C10—C15 are capital-intensive manufacturing industries, and sectors C17—C21 are technology-intensive manufacturing industries [53]. We test impact of digital technology on manufacturing upgrades in groups. The subscript i represents manufacturing industry segment, and t represents the year. Taking into account the differences in level values of different variables, in order to reduce influence of heteroskedasticity, the indicators in measurement model are all natural logarithms. As a result of such high environmental and social costs, public criticism and mobilizations are mounting.

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