How To Produce Music 9 Steps to Get Started in Music Production


How To Produce Music 9 Steps to Get Started in Music Production

Learn what an audio engineer is and how to unleash the potential of your passion for sound with Contra’s comprehensive guide for freelancers. If you have done your homework you will know that “fullness” in electric guitars generally resides between 250Hz and 500Hz, but in the overall mix so does muddiness (at 250 Hz) and “honk” (at 500hz). So if your guitars are feeling thin guess what, you can immediately jump to that range and see if cutting or boosting helps. Boosting at 1.5 kHZ to 2.5 kHz may add the presence you are looking for.

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As you get more into production it’s something you may want to invest in. From a mixing and mastering point of view, a properly treated room will absolutely help but for the purposes of just trying your hand at production, it isn’t a necessity. If you want to fast-track your success, you can always look to picking up a music production course. I find that boom mic stands are the most convenient for small home studios with not a lot of space.

Microphones, instruments, and additional hardware

You need to be free from the interruptions and the distractions of everything that’s happening outside that room. Read more about Pro Tools Vocal Presets here. Consider soundproofing it, either with paneling you can easily make yourself or by hiring someone to professionally insulate the room.

Method #3: Take A Music Production Course Online

Read more about Logic vocal presets here. So invest some time in learning a little bit of music theory and then apply that to your instrument. Compression would become one of the lasting legacies of the 1990s in terms of audio, and not just through mastering. As this became ubiquitous in the 2000s, so did low digital fidelity.

Once you’ve finished your free work and your client is happy with the result, don’t stop there. In my experience, there have been so many times a band saw my email but just forgot to reply. But if you just want to learn about finding work in audio specifically, keep reading. Drawing from personal experience, here are seven steps you can take to solidify your work. These steps will help you find your first clients and eventually make a living off your work. And with our fast-track to graduation, launching your career won’t leave you buried in debt. The Neanderthal hidden in our brain stem subconsciously resists.

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