How To Pricing Accounting Services: A Quick Guide


How To Pricing Accounting Services: A Quick Guide

More often than not, people who ask this question are really asking, how much does an accountant charge for small business taxes?. Read more about Accountancy Services here. According to the National Society of Accountants, the average cost of tax preparation for small business in 2017 was $457 (an itemized Form 1040 with a Schedule C and a state tax return).

Once you have the right product at the right price, you are then ready to find the right client. All businesses, and hence all clients, seek to solve a problem.

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Over the last few years, online bookkeeping services have grown in popularity among small business owners. DIY accounting software, like QuickBooks or Xero, can ease the hassle of managing your books manually (though they’ll still require some work on your part). If you require ongoing accounting services, like bookkeeping or payroll, it usually makes more sense to ask for a fixed-fee structure.

Or, your full-time accountant may not be trained enough to carry out complicated work like tax calculation or payroll processing. Your accountant’s workload could increase, especially during certain days or a time of the year – which may burden them and increase the chances of errors.

Alternative: Use Accounting Software

Insights on business strategy and culture, right to your inbox.Part of the network. When Dyson vacuum cleaners first launched, they were twice the price of their competitors and critics thought no-one would ever pay that. But their product was significantly better, and they did a great job of communicating that value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may consider offering a free consultation to talk with prospective clients and highlight the value you can provide, such as saving time and avoiding expensive mistakes. Your accounting firm location (and where clients are located) plays a role in accounting fee averages.

Learn how to create the most value for your clients, and differentiate your Virtual CFO offering, with this whitepaper. Of course, you will still have to pay the bookkeeper, but they won’t be as expensive as the accountant. To really understand if you want an accountant, you must know what an accountant does. We also have CFOs on our team to assist you with business growth when you’re ready to make the most of your business’ potential. You must not only show the client your service will solve their problem, but that the value of solving this problem is much greater than the price of your service. The key difference between an accountant slogging through dozens of stand-alone 1040s at $300 each versus the accountant who is selling CFO work in the thousands, is VALUE. Note that all successful accountants highly value their time and energy because those two things are scarce.

Clients will inevitably have questions for you throughout the year so you should offer different levels of support at multiple price points. Service will be based on how often you reconcile the books in each period. Many businesses do monthly bookkeeping or quarterly but weekly or annually are also an option. For many firms, developing a package is the first step on how to start a bookkeeping business. Hiring a tax professional to manage your finances removes financial risks because the chances of making grave mistakes are almost none. Your financial projections can help convince potential investors of your business’s growth potential.

After you enroll three new clients into your new better rate it’s time to move to tier 3. Similar to the previous tiers, calculate what you would originally charge a new client for your services.

Another option is utilizing the American Institute of CPAs’ directory or the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, which allows users to search by state and region. Reputable small business accountants and accounting firms should have no problem setting up an exploratory meeting to go over your needs, as well as provide several references. Read more about Accountants for Small Businesses here. The cost of accounting shouldn’t be viewed as an expense on your part as a business owner. But rather, it should be seen as an investment- something that will be helpful to you today and in the long run. As a business owner, you should know how important your finances are in running your business. That’s the main reason why keeping a systematic financial management is a must for every small business to scale.

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