How to Prepare for a House Cleaner: 7 Tips


How to Prepare for a House Cleaner: 7 Tips

Sometimes I get too busy, or sick, or I’m just not in the mood! But I do find if I consistently do these basics, the house looks good most of the time. If it’s clean and neat, I feel calmer, happier, and more productive. Remove dust from all baseboards, molding and the ceiling using a microfiber cloth or your vacuum’s hose attachment. Scrub baseboards with your cloth or a melamine foam sponge to remove any scuffs. Start by removing cushions and vacuuming all upholstered furniture to get rid of crumbs and loose change.

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Read more about house cleaning here. Start by sweeping and vacuuming the entire house, then mopping your kitchen, bathroom and any other tile or laminate flooring. For dirty bathroom tile grout, our super potent combination of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap also works well. Brush the paste onto the grout with a toothbrush and let it sit for an hour before cleaning off. For mirrors, grab the spray bottle with water and vinegar again, but be judicious with the amount.

House a mess? The 20/10 rule will change the way you clean

If your new home has existing appliances like a refrigerator, dishwasher or microwave, they’re a great place to start your deep clean. First, you want to be able to use these appliances as soon as possible. Second, many of these appliances deal with food and dirt, with potential bacteria or mold that can cause illness. Even if you clean on the regular, dust and dirt have a way of redepositing themselves. Now’s the time to wash or dry-clean window coverings and fabric upholstery, following care labels.

However you decide to clean the floors, they can be cleaned last so that you are not walking all over and dirtying them while you are cleaning the rest of the house. Toss out that corrosive and toxic drain cleaner for this more eco-friendly alternative.

Get your bathrooms sparkling clean

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best way to clean your furniture. Depending on what type of material it’s made of, there are various ways to clean it without hiring a professional. For example, you want to dust your blinds first before using your all-purpose spray.

Cleaning grout lines on the floor is a breeze.” San Angelo even dusts baseboards with it using a dry scrubber head. “We always suggest that doing a big declutter will make cleaning so much faster since everything is put away in its home,” says Pawlowski. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling a major cleaning project, consider hiring a professional. For a nominal cost, a company can come in and get your home in great shape in as little as a day. While you are at it, you may check the ductwork and vent to the dryer. Slide the machine out from the wall and disconnect the tubing from the vent. Over time, these can accumulate lint and cause fires as well.

How to Clean and Organize Your House

Be sure to clean existing blinds and shades thoroughly as well. Use the brush attachment to vacuum, then dust them with a lamb’s wool duster. Learn more about updating window treatments before selling your home. After the machines are clean, make sure you wipe down the shelves and cabinets. Cleaning the exterior and the interior, after removing any items.

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