How to Install Your Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet


How to Install Your Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Depending on how dirty it is, you might need to wipe clean or scrub it using soap and water. To install the deck plate, place it over the mounting holes in your sink and align it with your new faucet’s base. Make sure that all components are level before tightening down screws or bolts to secure them into place. Turning on both taps will also help release any trapped air in pipes which could cause issues later when connecting new lines.

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Toward the back of the sink apron, under the old faucet, will have years of built-up debris and gunk under or around it. It’s important to clean and dry this so that the new faucet can solidly rest on the apron. Bronze faucets, on the other hand, are often called oiled or rubbed as they’re coated with a layer of epoxy. They are definitely tough, but you still need to be careful while handling such faucets. Read more about kitchen tap with pull out hose here. In case there’s a shelf above your sink, make sure not to pick a faucet that is too tall, or else it won’t fit. Touch or hands-free faucets are a great option if you don’t like touching your faucet with dirty hands.

Tools & Know-How

If the base continues to spin, try gripping it with your free hand, but you might have to hold it in place with your tongue-and-groove pliers. Having said that, you can definitely go for a fancier faucet finish, especially to match the theme of your kitchen. Just make sure to find out more about the quality so that the faucet lasts for a long time. In case there’s a minor drip, adjusting the connections with a wrench will fix it. Keep an eye on the faucet for the next 48 hours to fix any leaks as soon as possible. However, the first thing you should probably do is clean out the dirt and debris by the deck plate.

Remove the PVC Plumbing and Hoses below the Kitchen Sink

Look for a magnetic spray head that will dock your faucet without drooping or sagging. A deck plate is a metal or plastic cover that sits on top of the sink and covers any unused holes in your sink’s surface. It provides an aesthetically pleasing look and can also help prevent water from seeping under the faucet base. Start by attaching any mounting hardware or gaskets provided with your new faucet onto its base plate or directly onto the sink surface if required. Next, insert any rubber washers into their respective holes on top of the base plate. If you don’t have individual shut-off valves for your kitchen sink, then you’ll need to turn off the main water valve that supplies water to your home.

By opening the faucet, I bleed off any remaining water pressure. I’m going to remove the sink drain starting with the dishwasher hose. Now, I don’t absolutely have to disconnect the drain, but doing so, will give me a lot more room to work and easier access. The PVC plastic pipe is simple to take out and will be just as easy to put back.

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