How to Become a Content Creator in 8 Simple Steps


How to Become a Content Creator in 8 Simple Steps

For example, Ali Abdaal, a doctor-turned-entrepreneur (and productivity expert) has an eponymous YouTube channel with nearly 5 million followers. Across all 771 business- and productivity-based videos (at the time of writing), Abdaal’s tone of voice is clear, conversational, educational, authentic, and professional. You should also use a content calendar to specify the days you’ll post each piece of content. This ensures that your content production is organized and follows the right pattern. Shut your eyes for a moment and think of five content creators that you know. For example, if you’re targeting Gen Z, then YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the best platforms because these are the places they hang out most. If millennials are your specific audience, then Facebook is one of the best places to reach them.

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She lives for lizards, loves to travel, and can often be found cooking up new recipes in the kitchen. Once you have built a following, you can monetize your social media account, channel, or webpage to earn a living from the content you create. After you’ve chosen a platform, you’ll consistently make and share great content to build your audience. A content creator is anyone who shares information, inspiration, humor, experiences, or advice with a larger audience through content, usually digital. Colleen Christison is a freelance copywriter, copy editor, and brand communications specialist.

Just as you can create content in different formats, you’ll also have various channels you can publish to, from your website to social media. For example, say you’re trying to decide between starting a blog or a podcast. Blogs tend to be better for conversion, while podcasts are great for building brand awareness.

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Ask questions and encourage discussions to create a two-way conversation. Like and reply to their comments, shout them out in your content, and repost their content (if it aligns with your brand). If applicable, run contests, polls, surveys, and giveaways to boost engagement and grow your followers. Just like your brand aesthetic, you also need to unify your content’s tone of voice across all the platforms you use. This includes the language, style, and manner in which you communicate, whether through writing or speaking. You might think that your story is unconventional and there’s a good chance people won’t be able to relate to you. That’s valid, but remember that there are nearly 5 billion social media users.

What Is a Digital Creator and How to Become One?

Starting a podcast will help audiences find your brand if they don’t have time or interest in reading content every day. Videos require a bigger investment of time and resources than written content, but as visual content continues to offer big ROI, it’s a medium worth exploring. If you’re ready to get started, get our templates for creating beautiful infographics in less than an hour.

First, you can work as a salaried or freelance in-house content creator for a company. Read more about How to become a UGC creator here. Content creators are the people who make the memes, how-to guides, travel vlogs, fashion roundups, and tech tutorials that keep us coming back to the internet again and again. Share some speculative work (that just means “make something up”). Or, if you created anything noteworthy while developing your skills, you can publish it here.

A content creator strategises, coordinates, creates, and oftentimes distributes and reports on created content. It’s an Open Source flexible drawing tool that is quite similar to InDesign. Actually on the entire website or on our social profiles are created with Canva or InkScape.

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