How to Afford a Sprinter Van Conversion Sprinter Van Conversions


How to Afford a Sprinter Van Conversion Sprinter Van Conversions

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If you’re on the hunt for more budget-friendly options, you can browse used vans, speak with a dealership about leasing options, or look into obtaining a business loan to cover the cost. There is so much more than I can write in this one blog post about planning your van conversion, so I suggest you head to our Van Life homepage and scroll down to the section on planning your van conversion. There you will find inspiration and more than a dozen blog posts with all of the nitty-gritty details on building out a van. From insulation to flooring, to bed styles, galleys, and solar power systems, we provide all of the information you should know in order to make educated decisions about your van build.

The 4×4 isn’t quite as good with gas efficiency, but it is a capable beast with a ton of storage space for bikes, paddle boards, and more. The downside of Sprinters is they are the most expensive van option and it’s not as easy to find mechanics to work on Sprinters. The most popular choice for van lifers is the cargo van as it’s the most customizable. We briefly considered the crew van as it already has windows, but we would have had to remove those windows and add our own since the stock windows don’t have good enough ventilation. Realistically, you want a camper van that’s tall enough for you to stand up inside. Fortunately, Sprinter offers high-top versions of its cargo and passenger vans. According to the manufacturer, you can get up to 87.3 inches (7.3 feet) of standing room.

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Although margins can be much higher in the industry’s sprinter and hot shot sectors, positive cash flow remains a significant challenge to many operators. The ability to speed up the collection of customer payments to create positive cash flow is essential to maintain operations, pay bills, pay yourself, and outperforming competing businesses. Even earlier model Sprinter vans can deliver goods more quickly than other cargo vans. For drivers who want a safe and reliable vehicle that’s loaded with all the latest and most innovative features, a luxury Sprinter rental is ideal. Whether starting a new delivery business or enhancing an existing one, renting a Sprinter van is the way to succeed.

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Interest rates vary widely based on the terms of the loan, but APRs below 5% are not unheard of. Depending on the lender, an RV loan may cover all or part of the van itself, the conversion, or both. You may also be able to get a vehicle loan for the van itself, and a separate RV loan for the conversion. Sprinter vans aren’t cheap, but they do keep their value better than other vans on the market. The Zenvanz kit comes with a kitchen, cabinet set, gear drying rack, bed system, and wood paneling. Rather than picking and choosing the elements you want, Zenvanz gives you a complete DIY kit. Theoretically, you can just not install whichever components you don’t want, but if you have them, you might as well use them.

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The Mercedes Sprinter comes with a 4×4 model as well, so you can explore more roads with confidence if you choose that option. Many custom builds have after-market lifts and all-terrain tires, making them the perfect adventure rig to Find Your Outside™. Boasting the slogan “The best or nothing,” you can’t help but feel like you’re in a luxury vehicle while driving your Sprinter camper van. If you’re a carrier or owner-operator in the trucking industry, you’ve no doubt experienced major gaps in cash flow be… When you’ve insulated your van, it’s time to lay your van’s flooring, walls and ceiling. Many people also cover the rear wheel areas with sound-dampening material, too, as these areas are responsible for a lot of the road noise when you’re driving.

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Usually, you want to start with the essential elements (i.e., your bed and kitchenette) and then figure out storage afterward. Typically, these companies have a menu of installation options and you just pick which ones you want. In most cases, they will supply the vehicle as well, but sometimes, you can save money by having them convert an existing Sprinter van. That said, you have to pay more for the high-top model, so you have to factor that into your budget.

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