How to Address Wedding Invitations


How to Address Wedding Invitations

If you’re planning a destination, send out your save the dates and invitations on the earlier side so family and friends can coordinate. Check out our wedding planning checklist for more tips. For a straightforward mailing process, avoid non-traditional wedding invitation sizes that require additional postage. We also recommend keeping your design on one side of the card for easy reading. Once you set your design in place, add unique qualities to your card with cut borders or thick cardstock. Thicker cardstock is best for printing vibrant photo cards, text, and colorful design while giving the invitation a heavy, professional feel.

Or perhaps, others are just confused about “what is protocol! ” In our viewpoint, there are some traditional approaches and some more modern-day approaches. You can choose to be more formal or embrace the changing landscape of our world. But whatever you choose, don’t let this be a pain point or cause unneeded wedding planning stress. • Consider address labels or stamps.Some etiquette experts say wedding invitation envelopes should be hand addressed only.

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• Have an ensemble weighed.Once you’ve assembled one wedding invitation ensemble, take it to your post office to have it weighed. Then you’ll know exactly how much postage you’ll need (not to mention you can get some pretty stamps while you’re there!). RSVP cards are essential to confirm the number of guests present at your wedding.


Weddings are expensive, and anyone who has planned or is planning a wedding knows that your guest list is the biggest influence on the cost of your wedding. It’s simple, the more guests, the more invitations, centerpieces, tables, silverware, meals, and space you need for your wedding! Couples are often put in the uncomfortable position of having to keep a strict hold on their guest list, so that things don’t go over budget.

A formal, black tie event may require something extra special, like gold foil or letterpress printing, or double-thick stock to convey the tone for your guests when it arrives in the mail. A more casual event may require less formal paper accessories, and therefore less cost, than a black tie affair.

It’s time to assembly your invitations and get them in the mail. Here’s a simple breakdown of how to assemble your wedding invitations. You already know of a few extras that you’ll need, and you should plan ahead for the extras that will inevitably come up. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper to order the extras right from the outset instead of having to re-order. You’ll be grateful you planned ahead when, out of the blue, ol’ aunt Ruth demands an extra wedding invitation for her scrapbook.

I’m Sarah, and I create tailor-made wedding stationery for brides that need a simple, classic invitation design with just the right amount of personality. Only include children’s names if they are invited to the wedding. If you plan to use very formal wording, use “Master” when referring to a boy under 13 and “Miss” when referring to a girl or young woman under 18. Thankfully, I have an easy-to-follow guide for wedding envelope addressing to help you get it done easily, quickly and correctly. On the RSVP card, include specific instructions about the number of guests they’re allowed to bring and how they should respond.

Will my wedding stationery arrive assembled?

That way you can actually see each steps the designer is going through, as well as get product recommendations. If you are working with smaller projects, Culkin recommends saving paper by creating multiple projects on one sheet, and then trimming them down to the appropriate size. A paper cutter can allow you to do this with impressive accuracy. Basic Invite is one of the few websites I’m aware of that lets you order a sample of your actual invitation before you place your final order, so you can be sure that it is perfect.

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I’ve been called many names before (thankfully most of them positive), and as long as I’m greeted politely I’m happy to respond with a smile. Everyone is different though, and some people will take offense if given the incorrect title. It’s hard to tell who may feel this way sometimes, so it’s best to tread carefully. The amount of postage required for your invitation suite will vary based on the weight. Embellishments like wax seals, ribbon, and thick paper can also affect your postage rate – if they make your envelopes bumpy or too stiff, there is a “non-machinable” charge. Double-check that you have all the pieces of your invitation order, addressed envelopes, postage, envelope moistener, and any adhesives or supplies you need to assemble the invitation suite. You’re here because you need to know ASAP how to address wedding invitations the right way without offending anyone–not for a full-on grammar lesson.

If you want your invites to pop, include one or more of these accents. You can expect to spend quite a bit more on these additions, but if you have room in your budget, why not?. +/- $5 per inviteLetterpress presses into the cardstock, with or without ink. Read more about Custom Wedding Invitations here. This printing method doesn’t require ink because the printing stands out in relief from the smooth surface of the paper. Anonymous guests, however, present more of a challenge, even more so when using a single envelope. There’s a lot of debate about the proper etiquette, but most experts agree that writing “First Name Last Name and Guest” isn’t the way to go.

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