How Single Women Can Attain Financial Security By Themselves


How Single Women Can Attain Financial Security By Themselves

To make it even more complicated, some work under a combination of fees and commissions. The data underscore how the wealth-management industry needs to help women achieve their financial goals. It is also imperative women take a role in their financial future. Creating a budget and net worth statement may seem cumbersome initially, but it gets easier as you go along. If you lack the time or desire, a financial advisor can do the legwork for you.

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She balances part-time work with caring for her five children between the ages of 3-13. As a wife and mom, Jean says her husband was always traveling for work.

However, you will still have to categorize your income and expenses. She says they focused their financial goals around her, especially saving money to help her through college.

Women also statistically outlive their male partners and, therefore, are likely to be responsible for their financial health longer into their retirement years. Engaging both spouses encourages a balanced level of input and allows the adviser to develop a more comprehensive planning strategy with the couple — one that honors all parties’ wants, needs and values. Women also cite career coaching and salary/income coaching as services they find lacking with their advisers. Having this conversation and the others discussed here help build trust between the adviser and client. “Having someone to talk to when markets get volatile may also help you stick to your plan, upping the odds you’ll stay on track to meet your retirement goals,” she says. Those childhood experiences gave me the self-reliance and assuredness that have carried me throughout my life as a wealth adviser and mother. According to a recent study from the George Washington University School of Business, while women disproportionately say “I don’t know” to most financial questions, they are more financially literate than they realize.

Financial advisors handle a wide range of money matters for individuals and businesses, while a financial planner handles more specialized matters. A growing number of single women in the United States are childless by either choice, circumstances or challenges.

Contact your financial institution to set up automatic payments or transfers to your retirement accounts. Wealthy women are everywhere, although they account for only 14% of the Forbes 400. But ask any of them, and they’ll likely say that practical financial advice for women is what helped them succeed. Most successful females also carve an efficient path to cut loss and maximize their growth potential. But none of that matters if you don’t spend wisely or invest in the right things.

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