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How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for Drug Possession? Archives

They can scrutinize the details of the case, challenge the legality of the arrest if necessary, and develop a robust defense strategy to mitigate the charges. Drug possession is when you intentionally have illegal drugs in your possession. It is important to know the law and what to expect if you are accused of drug possession. Only an experienced drug charge lawyer can properly defend these types of drug possession.

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A criminal defense lawyer will be able to assist in defending an individual against drug charges. Penalties for drug crimes can be very severe and have lasting consequences. It is important to note that a drug crime lawyer may be able to have a marijuana charge dismissed and/or cleared in a state that has legalized marijuana. Some attorneys and those who are already well known in their practice area will often charge by the hour to their clients  as opposed to using a flat rate fee. Additionally, if an appropriate flat fee cannot be determined because or the complexity of a case, the attorney may decide to charge an hourly rate instead. The relative ability of the lawyer will cause the hourly rates they charge to greatly differ.

Legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and the contents of this page is not a substitute for legal counsel. The process of a reduction via cooperation first requires the defendant to give substantial assistance to law enforcement or prosecution.

Facing drug charges can be an overwhelming and distressing experience, and the importance of securing the right legal representation cannot be overstated. A skilled and experienced drug charges lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case. If you don’t want a bad situation to get even worse, you need a Dallas criminal defense attorney.

There is a big difference between simple possession of an illegal drug and possession with intent to distribute. A good criminal defense attorney knows that there are several ways to fight drug charges. If you are accused of drug possession in California, speak with the experienced criminal defense lawyer at Bernal Law. Attorney Pedro Bernal has almost a decade of prosecutor experience, so he knows the strategies the other side may employ against you. With our track record of success, you can rest assured that we fight for your best interests at every stage of the legal process. Third, the location of a drug possession case can have a significant impact on the fees charged by a lawyer. Lawyers practicing in areas with a higher cost of living or more urban environments tend to charge higher fees compared to lawyers in rural areas.

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The good news is that a proper defense can make all the difference in the world. The legal system can call anyone to the witness stand, and you can’t afford to take chances. The next step is to contact a trained and caring legal expert who will have your back each step of the way. The right Dallas criminal defense attorney could be the difference for which you are looking. Similar to lack of “reasonable suspicion,” lack of “probable cause” can justify a motion to suppress the government’s evidence from your drug possession trial. Your New Jersey drug lawyer can determine if a motion to suppress is warranted—and if so, your lawyer can fight to protect your constitutional rights in court.

The attorneys at Wolfe & Stec are criminal defense lawyers who understand drug charges. We have years of experience battling drug charges in the Illinois courts. We understand how the Illinois legal system operates around drug charges. Another way the criminal defense attorneys at Berry Law can help beat a felony drug charge is by showing the defendant lacked any knowledge or awareness of the existence of illegal drugs. Consider this scenario, law enforcement finds a small amount of methamphetamine in a car. Usually everyone in the vehicle is arrested regardless of who was in physical possession of the drug. If you have been charged with drug possession or any other crime, it is important that you speak to a lawyer.

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Read more about trulicity lawsuit here. Obviously, the best billing structure is the one that works most effectively for the situation the client faces. Criminal defense lawyers certainly understand how stressful these events are and they try to make the financial aspects of your case as pain free as they can.


In many drug crimes cases, there are not a lot of documents required to bring to a consultation. If an individual had a prescription for the substances they were charged with possessing, it is important to bring that document. Even if the prescription is expired, if the defendant was unaware, that may be used as a defense. The cultivation, manufacturing, trafficking, possession, distribution, and consumption of certain drugs are prohibited in the United States under both federal and state laws, and are considered drug crimes. A few examples of banned drugs are cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine. Barkemeyer Law Firm represents hundreds of drug crimes charges every year and can help you with yours.

The prosecution has to prove that the substance in question is actually an illegal drug. A skilled attorney will scrutinize the chain of custody documentation to look for any gaps or irregularities. It is legal to possess controlled substances you have a current and valid prescription for, though it is still a crime to drive while under the influence of drugs.

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