How Long Does the Landscape Design Build Process Take?

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How Long Does the Landscape Design Build Process Take?

There are several landscape features you can incorporate into your design project. These features will incur additional labor and material costs beyond the design work. You may have to hire a separate landscape contractor to do the actual installation.

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The Most Important Elements for Your Garden Design

These elements should be carefully designed to blend with the surrounding landscape while meeting the homeowner’s needs. Keeping things simple is a key principle in creating great landscape designs. Many landscapes have complex features, from architectural designs to water features, but they’re still very good. Put simply, unity in design refers to the idea that all elements in a landscape work cohesively to create a cohesive and appealing overall design.

There are many ways to offer your landscape design services to customers. Just like your interior design, your front yard should show your personality and aesthetic. Plant a colorful border of annual flowers by your gate to show your exuberant sense of style, or frame your front door with boxwood shrubs for luxurious and stately appeal. Match your front garden design to your style and you can’t go wrong. When selecting plants, choose native plants which will supply food and shelter for birds and other wildlife while requiring less water and fertilizer than non-native varieties. In dry and drought-prone areas, drought-tolerant plants planted in your front garden will help reduce water waste (and your water bill). Here at Tilly, we try to infuse sustainable techniques throughout all our designs (and our business practices)!

How Long Does it Take to Build a Landscape Design?

In doing so you will eliminate the lazy and arbitrary flat rate $500 design approach and move beyond the cost-based approach of charging by the hour. I found that charging for my design time on an hourly basis tended to be viewed as risky by clients because the fee could be seen as being open-ended. Features, finishes, and prices are subject to change without notice. EYA, LLC’s development affiliates build homes in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC metropolitan area.

So you draw exactly where your paths are, your lawn, pond, etc. This is what a landscaping designer would present to a client before getting into the nitty-gritty of choosing plants.

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You could try to design your landscape DIY, but it’s a unique mix of art and science that takes knowledge of landscaping elements and a keen eye for aesthetics. Most landscape design companies have price packages for gardens under 1 or 2 acres and custom offers for larger yards. The price of landscape design per square foot can change with the season, terrain, designer, and other elements.

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