How do saunas affect your health? Learn more about the health benefits of saunas and when you shouldnt use them


How do saunas affect your health? Learn more about the health benefits of saunas and when you shouldnt use them

The National Institute of Health found that using Infrared Saunas can improve metabolism by acting like an exercise mimetic and increasing glucose homeostasis. That means that Infrared Saunas can provide similar cardiovascular benefits as exercise, such as improving heart health and reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Infrared Sauna use may also increase aerobic endurance when paired with an exercise routine, improve recovery and heart rate variability, and potentially increase overall metabolic rate. For those new to infrared saunas, it’s often advised to start with one or two sessions a week to see how your body reacts. The temperature of the water or air used I cold plunge therapy can range from 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with the lower end of the range being the most intense. The recommended temperature will depend on the individual’s tolerance for the cold and their goals. Some people may prefer a lower temperature for its more intense benefits, while others may prefer a higher temperature for more manageable experience.

The temperature in steam saunas is generally cooler compared to traditional and infrared saunas, ranging from 30-50°C (86-122°F). Read more about Sauna maintenance here. Tuned Radiant Heat, uses a far infrared bandwidth of ‘sunlight’ energy to heat your body directly. Far Infrared Therapy specifically heats your body and cabin air temperature is of secondary importance in how to use an infrared sauna. Finnish saunas, also known as a dry sauna, provide a range of major health benefits, including skin care, muscle relaxation and detoxification. If you follow the Nordic sauna traditions, sauna sessions are broken up into three or four 8 to 10 minute bouts of hot air exposure followed by a brief shower and rest.

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Now, the exterior walls on the other hand, are a different story. To maintain the shine and beautiful aesthetic of your sauna from the outside, we recommend using a polish. Do not use paint or varnish on the exterior of your indoor sauna. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the walls in your sauna too often. Again, we suggest using a cloth and the baking soda solution to wipe and clean the interior walls. Additionally, there is morsiussauna, a Finnish bachelorette tradition where bridesmaids take the bride-to-be to sauna before marriage. The bride is bathed and whisked with a vihta, and can be given life advice for the upcoming marriage at the same time.

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First of all, you want to keep your sauna super clean, which means all bathers should shower before entering. And though it’s kosher to sit in a sauna naked, you should always keep a towel between your skin and the wood bench—think of this as an opportunity to style your sauna with cute merch. ‌There have been a few studies on infrared saunas, which use light instead of heat to increase your body temperature without warming up the air around you. These saunas could be a good option for people who find the heat of a traditional sauna overwhelming. But we need more research into the health benefits of infrared saunas. An infrared sauna uses light colors including red light to create heat.

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As you move beyond 30 minutes though, the benefits start to disappear and within minutes, all you’re doing is putting yourself at risk. We accumulate toxins through the things we eat, the air we breathe, and the things we touch. Unfortunately, in this day and age, we are swamped with so many toxins that we get overwhelmed with them. Some take a long time to leave our bodies and others will sit in our systems, leading to chronic problems. In a sauna, intense sweating brings these toxins to the surface and gets them out. If you’re going the electrical route, the sauna heater’s aesthetic may come into play too. The heater’s finish and style can easily influence the feel of your sauna, so take some time to research options and find one that matches your taste.

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A smoke sauna includes a large wood-burning stove without a chimney. The sauna’s heater has several hundred pounds of rocks, which are heated by the stove for several hours before anyone can use the sauna. After the session, you should take the cold shower and sit somewhere to let your body cool slightly for at least 15 minutes. If you don’t care about conventions, you can take it off and let every inch of your body to enjoy the benefits of sweating. The other solution is to use a cotton towel, which absorbs sweat efficiently. An ideal period to get all the benefits the sauna offers is approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

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