Construction Takeoffs: A Complete How-To Guide

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Construction Takeoffs: A Complete How-To Guide

Your insurer is prohibited from requiring you to use a specific company, but may assist you with your selection and with getting remediation work done in a timely manner. When you sign a contract for home improvements on your homestead, the contractor can legally place a lien on the homestead. If you sign a contract containing the language quoted above and you fail to make the payments, the company can take away your home. Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand exactly what your obligations will be under the contract, and that you are confident you can meet those obligations. If you have any questions or doubts, consult an attorney before you sign the contract. Ask to speak to satisfied customers, and ask them if you can visit their homes to inspect the work done by a contractor you are seriously considering. If you are hiring the kind of worker who must be licensed by the state (such as an electrician), contact the licensing agency to check the person’s credentials and inquire about complaints.

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It’s unlikely that retainage will be removed from construction contracts in the near future. But there are steps your company can take to ease the burden and receive payment faster. This means you might be required to file a lien for missed payments before retention payments are even due. Since liens usually include all payments owed for a project, they can include retention payments. Construction companies need the ability to leverage lien rights to avoid missed payments.

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For this reason, your expenses, materials, lead times, scheduling and dispatching have to be precisely planned. Now that you’re getting quality leads and you know the types of projects to pursue, it’s time to start bidding, right? Not so fast, before you start investing your time into putting together a bid proposal you need to conduct a thorough bid/no-bid review of each opportunity. Contractors can often achieve better results at the start of a project by taking a collaborative approach and communicating transparently about the startup costs incurred. Rather than attempting to front-load the initial pay apps, a more sustainable approach may be for contractors to include mobilization costs in the schedule of values. Rising demand in the market makes intentional lead management even more critical to builders. Construction companies – especially those who take on a larger volume of jobs (like remodelers and specialty contractors) – need every advantage they can get.

TJ holds a Masters in Financial Management from Southern Adventist University. Residential construction is defined as the construction, alteration or repair of single-family and multi-family dwellings. Residential construction as with other types of construction can be complex. It’s broken down into phases and there are many stakeholders involved in the process. So, investing in talent should be a major factor in your construction company’s growth strategy. Creating a winning business strategy brings the focus to a company’s mid-to-long-term goals and helps a team like yours expand with actual intention.

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