Car Transport Rates 24 7: Explaining It All


Car Transport Rates 24 7: Explaining It All

This deposit is not the full amount owed, that charge happens when the Network Carrier pickup is scheduled. After payment of a deposit, ShipLux may allow payment on delivery, whereby the customer pays the remaining balance upon delivery of the vehicle after the transport is received. If there is a remaining balance that remains on delivery day, this needs to be paid in full by certified check, cashier’s check, or cash.

Shipping your car with uShip grants you additional peace of mind, thanks to our comprehensive uShip Protection Plan. While we expect and hope for smooth and incident-free transit, unforeseen circumstances can occur. With this additional protection, your vehicle is covered against potential damages during transport. Understanding that accidents are beyond your control, this additional protection safeguards your car throughout its journey.

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Read more about European vehicle recovery here. Scammers might lure you with extremely low prices, but they often use this tactic to trap unsuspecting victims. Compare prices from different companies and be cautious of significant deviations from the average.

For the ultimate speed and security, air-freight shipping offers a luxurious option to transport your vehicle. Opting for air-freight shipping ensures the fastest delivery time and provides the highest level of safety. The airplanes are meticulously monitored, offering protection against external elements and minimizing the risk of theft.


In some instances, the cheapest option may not have the infrastructure. They may also not have sufficient insurance coverage to fulfill your shipping order safely and adequately. Done so by the Department of Transport (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Any auto transport company should have a DOT number and an MC number as proof of their registration. If their MC number is “Not Authorized,” do not engage them at all. To weed out scammers, it is also important to check that their license and insurance details are valid. If you have an exotic, classic vehicle, or rare car that needs extra care, and attention a “white-glove-level” service is the answer.

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They can provide additional information and address any concerns you might have. Fluctuating fuel prices and the route taken by the carrier can also impact costs. Longer routes or routes through areas with high fuel prices might result in higher shipping fees.

How to choose the right car shipping company, what do you have to do

Open-air transport means that cars are shipped on an “open trailer” or exposed to the outside. Generally, the only cars shipped via enclosed transport are rare and expensive cars that need a fortified shipping method. Your vehicle type will undoubtedly affect your overall enclosed or open transport cost. There’s no shortcut to making your car shipment as affordable as possible—it takes an understanding of not just how much car transport costs, but why it costs what it does. Once you understand what goes into the vehicle shipping quote, you can use our calculator to get the best possible quote to ship your car. Our expert team can take care of all of your auto shipping needs.

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